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Incident Management Team
(IMT Partners)

Marsh EMS Consulting prides itself with rapid and efficient deployment of incident management partners to support local, state, federal, and private entities during significant incidents. 


Kristen Marsh

Finance and Admin Section Chief

Kristen is the Principal Partner of Marsh EMS consulting, LLC. where she brings administrative oversight to finances and proposals for the company. She has been an independent owner of several other successful business ventures. She brings a high level of planning and foresite to all projects and utilizes her financial acumen to balance budgets and produce cost effective project. 


Kelly Coleman

Medical Health Specialist - Public Health

 Kelly Coleman is currently the manager of the Response Operations Unit in the Disaster Medical Services Division at the California EMS Authority. He also served as the Regional Disaster Medical Health Specialist (RDMHS) for California Region II between March 2013 to September 2018. Kelly got his start in EMS in 2001, and became a Paramedic in 2004, working full-time in Fresno and Contra Costa counties and promoting to Operations Supervisor and Ambulance Strike Team Leader in 2010. Since entering government service in 2013, Kelly has helped to coordinate medical and health response to several large disasters, including the 2013 Asiana Airbus crash at SFO, the 2014 South Napa 6.0 Earthquake, the 2015 Valley Fire, the 2017 North Bay Fires, and the 2018 Camp Fire. In addition, Kelly served many leadership roles with EMSA in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including Director of the EMSA Department Operations Center and Incident Commander at the Porterville Alternate Care Site. Throughout his career, Kelly has been a leader in Tactical EMS, helping to plan and coordinate multiple Urban Shield scenarios, instructing TEMS courses, and participating in dozens of SWAT missions as part of the Contra Costa Special Operations Unit. Kelly completed his bachelor’s degree at California State University, Sacramento and his  Associates of Science in Paramedics at American River College.

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Clay Regan

Logistics Specialist - Allied Agency Represantative

Clay Regan is a Lieutenant with the Midlothian Texas Police Department, currently serving as a Side Patrol Commander. He developed and manages the departments Crisis Intervention Unit (CIU), UAS/Drone Program, and K9 Unit. Clay has held such poisons as Patrol office, 5th/7th grade DARE Instructor; Field Training Officer; Gang Unit Investigator; Field Training Coordinator, SWAT Team Member, Patrol Supervisor, Instructor, K9 Decoy, and Detective. He proposed and developed several of the department's first programs, such as the Designated Marksman Program, Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Program, Honor Guard Program, and Critical Incident Stress Program and Policy. HE ended his career in Bedford developing the department's first Tactical Intelligence Program. In addition, he developed the department's first Mental Health Unit, the CIU, and authorized a grant for the Midlothian Police Department's K9 Unit. Chief Master Sergent (CMSgt.) Clay Regan retired from the US Air Force on December 1st 2020 after serving 26+ years on active duty and as a reservist. While on duty, he was an Explosive Detector Dog Handler, Military Working For Section Trainer, and worked extensively with the US State Department and US Secret Services. Clay has several deployments under his belt, including 19 months in response to 9/11, and a deployment to Kandahar Afghanistan. He retired as the Security Forces Manager/Senior Enlisted Member, from the 6th Security Forces (Police) Unit in acDill AFB in Tampa Florida. 

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Matthew Shipp

Training Specialist - Law Enforcement Liaison at SWAT

 Matthew Shipp who was a former resident from the State of Idaho, served in the US Marine Corps and has numerous trainings in close combat battle as well as a wide compliment of Major Awards through his service. Shipp has gone on to be a certified peace officer within the State of Texas and can provide additional observations from the ALERT instructor prospective for this assignment.  Additionally, Shipp is currently working on the AAR for the Town Mall active shooter event in Boise Idaho.


Brad Gates

Operations Specialist

 Brad Gates has over 20 years of EMS and disaster response experience in the State of California and for the Federal government as a contractor. Brad started his EMS career in Contra Costa County as an EMT in 2001 and became a Paramedic in 2003. Since then, Brad has promoted within the private and government EMS world to EMS Lieutenant, EMS Captain, Special Operations Unit Captain, FEMA Incident Management Team member for the FEMA Ambulance contract, and Senior Emergency Services Coordinator for the state of California Emergency Medical Services Authority. Brad has a wealth of disaster response experience both in California and nationally, including deployments for the Valley Fire, the Clayton Fire, the North Bay Fires, Hurricane Matthew, Harvey, Irma, Maria, Florence, and Michael.  Brad is considered one of the foremost subject matter experts on mass patient movement, Incident Command systems for EMS, disaster medical coordination, ambulance strike team operations, and Tactical Emergency Medical Services. 


Stephen Ramos

Training Specialist - Law Enforcement Liaison at SWAT

Stephen Ramos have 19 years in law enforcement, he's spent 17 of them as a police department instructor and on the SWAT Team. His assignments on the team were Operator, SWAT Instructor, Training Manager, Firearms Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Chemical agents grenadier and instructor, Rappel Master, Assistant Team Leader, and Team Leader. Stephen has also been an Active Shooter Instructor for over 15 years and started incorporating the rescue taskforce concept within the training in 2016. With the rescue task force concept he began training officers in emergency medicine, and incorporated a joint response with fire, and other rescue personnel imbedding force protection.   


Stephen Johnston

Safety - Operations Specialist

 Stephen has over 16 years of experience in EMS. Serving as an EMT, Paramedic, Paramedic Supervisor, Administrative Supervisor and a state level Senior Emergency Services Coordinator in California. He is well versed in ICS, MCI management, DOC and EOC operations and has extensive operational experience. During his time with the nation’s largest private ground ambulance provider, Stephen served as the Northern California Disaster Response Team Coordinator for the FEMA National Ground Ambulance contract and deployed to every major hurricane response from 2015 to 2018. In California, as an Ambulance Strike Team Leader and member of the EMS Overhead Team, Stephen has responded to many major wild land fires to support EMS systems and evacuations of medical facilities in the affected communities. With a background in EMS Special Operations and a TEMS Technician for 5 years in Contra Costa County, Stephen helped train local fire and law enforcement agencies in active shooter response and rescue task force operations and responded to many high-risk tactical law enforcement incidents as a member of the TEMS unit. Stephen continues to train with, instruct, and advise TEMS programs in California. As a leader in EMS, Stephen was awarded the Meritorious Service medal by the State of California EMS Authority in 2017. He continues his service in EMS as a subject matter expert, Emergency Coordinator, Paramedic and TEMS Technician.


Heidi J. Nishimoto

Operations Specialist

 Heidi J.Nishimoto has dedicated 35 years of service in EMS as a Paramedic, Paramedic Captain, and EMS Commander. She has worked several special Ops including Urban Shield,  SWAT Challenge, The Oakland Riots, Mehserle Riots and multiple Dignitary Protection assignments. As an ASTL, Heidi was responsible for a light strike team on the Napa/ Sonoma fires as well as the major Oakland Covid Injection Site. Heidi was also the TEMS team leader responsible for managing a team of highly trained TECC medics and EMT’s largely responsible for integration with LEO’s on tactical OPS. Heidi has also worked in the Command post for the Oakland Raiders in both the “Dispatch” and “ Incident Commander” roles.


Darren Burkhart 

Training Specialist - Enforcement Liaison

 Mr. Burkhart is currently a firefighter/paramedic and police officer. Mr. Burkhart is currently work all three disciplines. Mr. Burkhart has been a firefighter/paramedic for over thirty years and a police officer for over twenty-seven years. Mr. Burkhart currently holds instructor certifications in police, fire, EMS, firearms, patrol rifle, CPR, first aid, radar and LIDR, taser, OC spray, and active shooter. Mr. Burkhart is currently an active shooter instructor for ALERRT through Texas State University. Mr. Burkhart has been teaching for ALERRT, traveling across the United States, for the past six years. Mr. Burkhart currently holds a master peace officer and fire certification.  


Luke Tedrow

Communications Specialist - Resource Accountabiity

 Luke Tedrow has worked in EMS dispatch for the last two and a half years. Luke has operated as a shift lead in Arlington TX, working a closed 911 EMS system before promoting to the regional communications center in Dallas. At the regional center, Luke works to dispatch both 911 and IFT systems in small response areas spanning from New Mexico to Tennessee. As a lead, Luke led and coordinated numerous Mass Casualty Incidents, many of which involved multiple agencies and various methods of patient transportation. Luke is EMD certified and holds over 20 FEMA certificates including ICS 300 and ICS 400, Luke has a unique understanding of multi-agency response and delivery protocols. As an 911 calltaker, Luke has consistently received high compliance scores by IAED standards, and been a consistent advocate for compassionate patient care. Luke has received multiple commendations from operations supervisors he is paired with, noting his ability to adapt and deliver results under any circumstance.


Paul k. Nishimoto

Logistics Specialist 

Paul K. Nishimoto is a retired CHP Officer has  dedicated over 25 years of service. Has responded to multiple assignment up to and including the Mehserle Trial, the Oakland Riots, and Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara. Paul also played a key role in “ Operation Impact” in the city of Oakland working alongside multiple task forces in mutual aid. Paul also won the 10851 award for recovering stolen vehicles.Lives in Stevensville Mt.


Matthew Kinney

Training Specialist

 Matthew Kinney has 28 years of experience and spent 26 years' time in service while performing as a Medic - Critical Care Flight Paramedic and over 24 years Instructor experience; with a multitude of experience instructing multiple courses such as Paramedic, High Performance Rescue Hoist Recovery Operations, Search and Rescue, Over Water Rescue, TC8-800, Altitude Chamber, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Advanced Medical Life Support, Emergency Pediatric Care, BCT3, Flight Medic Course, MEDEVAC Doctrine 2CF7, Flight Surgeon's Course, Initial Entry Rotary Wing Course (IERW), Aviation Clinic NCO Course, Dunker HEEDS, Reduced Oxygen Breathing Device (ROBD), Combat Lifesaver Course, Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support, SACMS-VT, Jaws of Life and Extrication Equipment Class, Weapons Marksman Techniques, MASCAL Operations, and MEDEVAC Procedures and Operations to other medical and non medical personnel and foreign Soldiers. Matthew Kinney has nine year experience with being overseas, with 5 plus years (57 months) in an austere or combat environment. Credited with saving the life of SSG Ryan Pitts Medal of Honor recipient during the Battle of Wanat. 


Chad Scott

Forward Operating Base - Logistics 

Chad Scott was born in San Diego CA at oceanside hospital Camp Pendleton.  He served in the army for 10 years as a calvary scout Sgt.  Chad served 2 tours in Iraq from 2005-2006 and 2006-2007. During his tours Chad ran day to day operations for his unit on and off the fob and for his second tour he was on a MITT team which is a military Iraq transition team. He helped train the new Iraqi army and make them more proficient at governing their own country while teaching them everything from day to day operations to military training to public relations . Chad owns and operates a home remodeling and landscaping company.

Screen Shot 2022-12-08 at 4.58.53 PM.png

Dean Eichelman

Administration and Planning Specialist - HSEEP Specialist

Serving in a variety of roles in Emergency Management, Dean Eichelman offers support in administration and planning for Marsh EMS Consulting. Dean currently works as an Emergency Preparedness Coordinator in Med-Health and has experience planning and developing exercises. Serving as a Logistics Section Chief during disaster response, managing grants and funding opportunities for emergency preparedness, and developing plans and reports for emergency preparedness. His career highlights include administrative coordination of fire debris removal projects after the Rocky Fire, Valley Fire, Clayton Fire, and Sulphur Fire in Lake County, California for community recovery. Building a volunteer Medical Reserve Corp network that has responded to several disasters in the State of California, and served as the Med-Health Logistics Section Chief in Lake County Ca during the COVID-19 response. Dean is certified in ICS 100, 200, 300, 400, 700, 800, Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP), and Healthcare Coalition Response.  

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