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Leadership Training

In the proprietary opinion of Mr. Marsh, EMS Leadership is developed through 3 veins of succession planning.  First is the “You have been here a long time, haven’t messed up too much, and you work hard on this project so, have you considered applying?”

 Second, is the “Last Man Standing.” One that echoes the ancient standard of “Well, nobody else is here and wants this job, what about you?”

 Most valuably, and undoubtedly the toughest to find are the individuals that truly want to make the environment and employee morale better by education and self-initiated training. We call these people the “Gold Mines”. These are the people that love what they do, love to see success around them and envision the bigger picture.

However, all the above-mentioned groups come into a leadership position with no consistency or common operating picture.  

Many of us that entered the EMS field the first day and told to see the “SUPERVISOR.”  Often, that scene consists of you entering a room with a single desk, the almost inaudible radio chatter going with dispatch commands in the background. You saw the keys on the desk, yesterday’s snack bags off to the side still half eaten, while the supervisor is on the phone begging an EMT or Paramedic to come to work to fill empty shifts.  Once they are off the phone, there is a slow drawn-out glance from the supervisor to the new employee, a deep breath, and a moaning droll that always says…

 “Become a supervisor they said, it will be fun they said”

And the slow and painful death of another new EMS Employee starts…

But there is a way to change all of this. There is a way to change the culture under your roof to prevent this scenario from occurring. With the proper leadership training, you can equip your company with the tools to be at their best and pass along their best to their teams.

With our training program, your supervisors and leadership will observe the tactics and knowledge to be able to jump on scene on any rapidly evolving incident. Training, skill set, and organizational mind set will be displayed upon arrival. It should not be the expectation of leadership that the FTO or Supervisor have all the answers. However, with us they will have the basic understanding, tactical plan, and benchmarks for when to call for assistance.


Marsh EMS Consulting brings 15+ years of EMS field leadership to the table in order to assist those in the position of a front-line supervisor or considering it. Recently Mr. Marsh has found a way to draw parallel to daily operations to serve as a guide to incident responses. He believes that the last thing any organization should have is a plan in a binder on a shelf that no one reads.

Action takes Instinct. Instinct relies on Training. Training creates great leaders. 

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