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Dispatch Services

We believe that communications plays a vital first-step role of any EMS system, and a strong system echoes into the field and protects the personnel on the ground. We offer a hands-on approach that can help any team grow and become stronger. Nobody wants a dispatcher to learn every tough scenario on the spot. Workflow review will keep the team performing at their best, training will keep your team ready for whatever comes their way, and preparation will keep people safe.

We know that every Communication Center in every system is different. But every center has intersectional aspects that drive its success; Technology, Systems, Policies, and Personnel. Marsh EMS Consulting holds an experienced team that can offer a unique product for your organization. This product can functions in all or some of the following areas within a role of a Dispatcher and a Communications center as listed below.

Dispatch System Review and Audit

Response plans - Workflow - Technology reviews & recommendations

EMD Training and Analysis

In-class training as well as remote EMD-Q services 

MCI Training and Analysis

Active shooter - Event MCI - Wildfire response

Field Dispatch in Disaster Scenarios

Asset Management and Allocation

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